What If This Was Your Last Day?

If today was your last day on earth, how would you like to spend it? Would it be the same as a regular day or would you spend it differently? How different would it be?

Following is a list of stuff that I would like to do differently if this was my last day. Read on.

I would be full of compassion and act kind towards everyone I meet.
I would send greetings emails to my sisters who live abroad and call my brother late in the evening after he gets back home from work.
I would order something from Food Panda and share it with Mom.
I would write my will, saying how I would want my life savings to be split.
I would call my favorite aunt and have a chitchat with her.
I would open my personal Facebook account and see which of my friends are online and knock those I feel like at the moment and chat with them.
I would visit my Dad’s grave and say a silent prayer.
I would pray a silent prayer for myself.
I would visit the nearest orphanage center and cancer hospital and talk to those orphans or sick people. I would donate generously to their funds.
I would walk in mother nature and get connected to the Divine Earth and experience joy. I would do it for a while until I have consumed enough energy. I would walk back home happily.
I would buy candies and chocolates abundantly and give them away to the children of my community. Watching the beautiful smiles on their faces, I would start smiling a lot myself.
I would keep some time for myself for self-care. I would shampoo my hair and shower. I would cut off my finger and toe nails. I would put powder on my face in the heated summer time. I would put lotion on my hands and feet. I would decorate my face and wear a perfume.
I would listen to the audio tracks of my favorite songs by John Denver and Abba. I would be in perfect spirit. The music will heal my fears and agonies.
I would like to have a light meal at the end of the day and go to pleasant sleep, a while later, thinking probably I would die in my sleep as the doctor said this was my last day. It would be an amazing miracle if I do open my eyes in the morning and prove to my doctor that he was wrong all along.
Summing up, this is how I would tackle my day if it were the last, facing everything courageously and jubilantly. How would you confront your day if this was the end of your journey on this mighty planet? Would you slump down and regret or pass time fruitfully and happily like me only to realize that you would live longer – much longer than your doctor ever anticipated?

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